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Friday, August 19, 2011

Note about the US pressure on Assad in Syria

Comment of Washington about necessity for Assad to go is something rather irrelevant and unhelpful, and not because Syria wouldn't be better without Assad (maybe), but because the moral authority of the US over the region where it deliberately had fostered, cherished and weaponized dictators (and continue to do so in Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, Yemen etc, despite the situation there is not so different from Syria) is virtually ZERO! They, Washington, just now trying not to fall behind the actual events and all their comments directed not at actual help to Syrians but to saving their own face, though I don't see what there is left to be saved...
1st stage of enlightenment: I understood that USA never ever in its recent history has been interested in spreading democracy round the world. 2nd stage of enlightenment: I understood that US has always actively been interested in the opposite - containment of democratic development in other parts of the world. What Syria changes? Why not to talk about Bahrein, Azerbaidjan, Uzbekistan, the 'pet' Yement etc etc etc? My foot, the USA talking about Assad bad guy - fancy that! And lecture Europe on how to abstain from... buying oil from Syria!! All comics and satirical writers can retire, they are not needed any more!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A note about India disparity and corruption problems

The problem is still the same: India like many other countries tried to build its state and country after the very obsolete and semi-democratic capitalistic model of the USA, which belongs to 19th century and gives the Americans themselves a hell of a lot of problems nowadays. But India (and other young democracies, for example in Eastern Europe) would better follow the example of much more advanced and modern democracies like Finland, Sweden etc. Then if India had done so she would have had a chance to avoid all the 'bouquet' of problems which the USA had to go through in the past, and have a true democracy, not a class-based semi-democracy, that has come to a very serious moral, ideological and economic crisis.
The same goes for Egypt: if (and that's a big if) it's revolution should be successful in the foreseeable future, by no means should Egypt step on the same 'mine' and try to mimic American model. Nothing could be more terrible than this. Learn from Scandinavia, or, at least, from Germany and South Korea.