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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fukushima mess: why does Japan need any government at all?

    Just cannot help but make some notes on the notorious Fukushima accident, which for me once more demonstrates that in the 21th century even in the developed countries - even in the best of the developed countries like Japan - absolutely uncontrolled self-protected governments not only don't do any good in the realm of their direct 'responsibilities' but actually do as much harm and damage to their own nations as one can imagine, quite knowingly so too. (governments in their present form within present semi- or quasi-democratic systems). Would the emergency at Fukushima have been treated better without government and its secrecy and its procedures? No doubt as ever. There are a lot of engineers and specialists in emergency treatment and institutions specializing therein around the world: they - a group of independent engineers and specialists, even institutes - would have handled the situation incomparably better, absolutely no doubt about it, if - and that's a big IF, they would have given full information access and a full mandate to assess and treat the situation. Was this simple idea evident to Japanese government? Yes beyond reasonable doubts, but their own interests, fears and the qualities of the system in terms of responsibility-apportioning wouldn't let the government to outsource the problem. Do I consider the manner of handling the emergency a crime in a moral sense against the Japanese people? Yes! Does the same old question 'why do nations need governments in the form they are if they mess more than help things?' still hold? Not a shadow of a doubt!
According to the preliminary governmental report on Fukushima nuclear accident, the next problems took place in handling the emergency:

  • delays in relaying information to the public
  • managers' lack of knowledge of procedures to deal with emergencies
  • poor communications - between the workers and the government, among the workers themselves, and between government bodies.
Also the investigation found that... just wait for it... 'Tepco staff at the plant were not trained to handle emergencies like the power shutdown..'. My God, it's just like a large group of surgeons conducting a serious operation in hospital, NONE of them knowing what to do in case of a cardiac arrest! But in the same report the authors recognize that all those cases of negligence and 'mistakes' were not prevented and foreseen by the relevant regulatory bodies, which are governmental agencies. It is the responsibility of the state to guarantee the proper standards and public safety in engineering and industrial operations, let alone NUCLEAR POWER FACILITIES AND OPERATIONS (!!). One cannot come even close to putting on an equal footing the responsibility of a commercial company that produces planes that drop from the sky and the STATE which makes the laws and by-laws allowing for such planes to be produced. HOW COME that Japan nuclear regulators - very large and expensive vehicle - hadn't enforced any procedure and standard prescribing the practice of dealing with emergency black-outs (don't forget, flooding and stoppage of pumps and generators is one of the most commonplace well known emergency problems for a huge number of production facilities)?
I am myself an engineer by education and profession, and for an engineer it sounds like Ministry of Transportation not including in the traffic code the rules regulating intersections without traffic lights. Of course, it is not that the people in those governmental agencies don't know all this stuff and its importance - of course they know all this better than I do - but just because they have no accountability, transparency and control, which just allows them sit on their asses, eat taxpayer's money and do NOTHING, they do either nothing (in the best case scenario) or they try to save their posts at the expense of the lives of thousands of people. STATE SECRECY and outsourcing of the power station operation to a commercial - that is private - operator, gives even more confidence to the government in that NO ONE among the ministers or officials would be imprisoned for life for any accident even of the scale of the Fukushima meltdown.
But of course, what struck me even more, and, I think, many other engineers around the globe, who followed the situation at the Fukushima plant back in March 2011, are these two things:
1. Some absolutely freakish, cosmically stupid actions by the company-operator (Tepco), like sprinkling the reactors with sea water (to accelerate the dissolution of the rods etc) or, even worse, making their personnel walk knee-deep in usual rubber boots on the flooded floor of the leaking power block (!!) (you don't have to be even an engineer - a good 1th year college student can understand what it means with the reported levels of radiation inside and outside the building)
 2. Absolute non-transparency, huge lack of information for public, general blabbering by officials meant to say as little as possible and as late as possible - all this was also mentioned and recognized in that report.
Of course, this next-to-zero accountability of the government during the crisis at the Fukushima plant had nothing to do with the lack of information coming from the facility and operator to the agencies. Neither did it have anything to do with the 'parental concern' of the Government with the public panic element, though they tried to play this card (for the total lack of any other excuses): at that time, after the number of dead and missing was more than 15000 and the number of homeless was six-digit, there was nothing to add to or take away from the stoic spirit of the Japanese people, though, obviously, the lack of information conveyed to the public along with the visible effort on the part of the Government to withhold as much as info and truth possible, could somewhat enhance already existing fears. The only thing that can explain the whole mess happening at Fukushima is the same old reason: the Government and the operator were worried much more about their own skins than about the best possible solution to the problem and about people, they themselves as ever were paralyzed by fear - fear of the possible responsibility. And what they did, or to be more precise, what they DID NOT DO, was motivated not by their desire to channel as much professionalism and expertise in resolving the emergency, but by their desire to understand who was risking what and to which degree and work out the best compromise route to cover up the tracks and their asses, and cloud the distribution of responsibility; to be as much on the safe side as possible from the bureaucratic point of view and laws (even if the real actions of those guys were not the best to achieve this purpose after all - here I am talking about the motivations and blockages of the system as such).
The long and the short of it: the government as ever was concerned not with the lives of the people, but with their own skin, and used to the full all the levers and the self-imposed right to lie and play secrecy and not share with anyone independent the access to and control over the situation. The government and the company-operator instead of solving the problem were playing 'Ping-Pong' of responsibility, trying to figure out how to confuse things to the maximum degree and find a reasonable 'draw' solution in this game with minimal responsibility. The problem is not that it is some unique situation, the problem is that on the contrary this is absolutely the usual way how almost everything, for which government is responsible, works under condition of secrecy. In this respect this crime - and I prefer calling a spade a spade - is not unlike the zero preparedness of New Zealand government for the recent earthquake, where about 150 people died (about the high probability of which every technical student knew and every national channel had talked), not unlike the zero preparedness of Italian government for the recent earthquake, not unlike the recent shoot-out in Norway where police couldn't reach the island during a time period of almost one hour (!!) (see about Norway, not unlike Japan government again criminally neglecting the supply of water and food to those thousands of people stranded after tsunami (the third largest world economy - Japan, even if not having enough helicopters or planes, could quite easily pay and invite the US military based nearby, let alone all the Asian neighbors' aircraft resources available for money, but people were STARVED and on the brink of death from dehydration - Japan in the 21th century, I can't believe it!).
In the world - in Japan itself, in Germany and France, in the USA, in Britain, Finland - there are thousands of EXCELLENT, world class atomic engineers and specialists in elimination of emergencies, who, if given the access and INFORMATION TRANSPARENCY, could provide the necessary help and expertise, who could solve this task orders of magnitude better that those governmental and government-appointed  'custodians', without 'heroes' walking on the flooded floor around the leaking reactor to the amazement of the shocked public around the world.
It's not that government understand all these things any worse than I do, but it's just intrinsically, structurally motivated by other things - their self-justification and saving their face (no matter how successful or unsuccessful they happen to be in the end in achieving those aims); of course, it is a kind of shameful to use external specialists and resort to the aid from other countries, and it could be dangerous for the government if professionals and institutions from other countries will find out incidentally all the drawbacks, lapses and criminal omissions at a Japanese nuclear station. So saving its face and its skin (at least political) is the first priority - for the government it's worth MUCH more than millions of Japanese lives, or any nation's lives for that matter. That is what I mean when I say that governments usually are not only useless, but they are HARMFUL and VERY MUCH HARMFUL too. They inflict damage directly or indirectly on their own people in a situation where there's every physical possibility to avoid the damage and the actual people in government KNOW this.
This is just one more example to add to the unending succession of the same sort of crimes done by governments in the developed 'semi-democratic' countries, where there has accumulated a huge deficit of effective mechanisms of public democratic control over the governments, huge lack of information transparency and accountability of the state. Other examples include (but are not limited to) wars started just at the click of fingers where thousands of citizens are killed (thousands of American boys and girls in Iraq and Afghan war for example); or the endless governmental fight with drugs which is based on the endless supply and illegal production of drugs and creating good conditions for the mafia-supported shadow drug economy (of course governments are interested in supporting the endless fight and the endless drug use and illegal trade); creating purposely conditions whereby terrorists or just lunatics can easily make their own explosives and blow them up (Norway example or buy and carry grenades (Belgium recent example); or subsidizing an artificial external enemy just to support an artificial cold war to make the state look more needed and protecting (South Korea and North Korea example, the US war on terrorism); creating special anti-human prison conditions not to reduce crime rates and the number of criminals but to support them in order to make governmental policing agencies and functions seem more important and needed and get the proper funding; laws legalizing the private possession and carrying of fire arms by anyone who is just of age and have a driving license (or even without it) - this list can be continued.
All this adds up to the same burning question WHY do the developed 'semi-democratic' countries NEED GOVERNMENTS in their present form?! Why indeed, if the governments are the main TRAITORS of the national interests - the interests of the PEOPLE - and the main TERRORISTS who, using secrecy laws to eliminate any democratic control, TERRORIZE their own population to meet their own disgusting ends (which they have the impertinence to call national interests)?
It's not that this problem doesn't have a solution in theory: the developed countries need to switch from being SEMI-DEMOCRACIES (or quasi-democracies) to the full-fledged democracies, with a new understanding of the responsibility of the state, fundamentally new standards and conceptions of TRANSPARENCY, PUBLIC CONTROL and PARTICIPATION. New conception of criminal law and responsibility would be important too, if the governments are to be left in their present form, because the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE cannot and should not be applied to them as in the case of usual citizens.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hyundai pays tribute to Kim Jong-Il. What's next, tribute to Hitler?

Oh My GOD! The head of South Korean car-producing giant Hyundai arrived officially in North Korea to pay last tribute and mourn the deceased butcher and terrorist Kim Jong-Il!! Just pinch me, I can't believe I am not asleep! Of course everyone remembers from the history books how British, French in American corporations in the 1930s with full clout and support of their respective governments vied for the honor and privilege of taking and serving large industrial orders from Hitler's Nazi Germany(more often than not those were military-related orders), but what you can see now is something completely surrealistic: to put a proper analogy to this Hyundai official visit one should imagine something like Ford visiting Germany (with the permission and full support of the US Government too) AFTER the end of the second world war in order to PAY tribute to the dead Hitler with the aim of promoting national economic interests... My foot! Even the best satirists and comedians in the 21th century cannot think up in their wildest imaginings plots which could be even closely comparable to the political realities in terms of the bottomless abyss of cynicism and immorality of things done by governments of so called developed countries all around the world without a blink.
By the way,  I don't believe for a minute that South Korea government is really interested in the collapse of N Korean regime & in unification of the split nation, and such visits like this one of Hyundai just confirms me all the more in this disbelief. In many ways South Korean state does its best to preserve the status quo in North Korea, that's the anti-human weak regime, for as long as possible. If there was really political will to destroy this awful formation and unite the split nation - thousands of families - I honestly believe it would have been done LOOOOOOONG AGO without too much difficulty too. But the short-term interest of every incoming government is much higher that the lives of their brothers on the other side of the border and the tragedy of the split nation. No one wants to take this responsibility but, instead, everyone among the politicians wants to have a comfortable enemy nearby to lessen their responsibility for truly important things and hype their role as a defender of people from that enemy... - a form of state terrorism, so to speak, where people pays authorities for their own fears supported by these authorities.
If there were a real interest in coping with N Korean regime, there are a lots of good things and guaranties that South Korea could offer to those political 'clowns' in exchange for a fast reform or even revolutionary reform dismantling this extremely weak formation in matter of years. But that's not what South Korea government is concerned with, and its Western Allies (who love spouting about democratic values so much) for that matter.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why the US doesn't apologize for its recent killing of Pakistani troops

Now I very often hear questions like 'why doesn't Obama apologize for killing Pakistani troops' etc. It needs some sort of short clarification. 
The question 'why Obama doesn't apologize' is basically incorrect, just because within the American state system of coordinates the value of people lives beyond its borders is ZERO in the general case - it was so, it is so and it will be so in the foreseeable future.
A much more relevant question is 'why should he apologize?'. But not the other way around just because the modern state-nations structurally are not in the habit of apologizing, and the bigger a state the less desire it has to apologize for anything. They, if you like, are intrinsically immoral. That's how the modern (as a matter of fact very obsolete) state models work (even the so called democracies): what's done by state has the benefit of presumption of being morally right - not the other way around. The value of lives and national dignity of OTHER nations in the eyes of the US are no more than a PIECE of SHIT pardon my French  - that's how things are, were and will be in the foreseeable future. I am not very happy to remind about this unfortunate reality, but that's the way it is. Only AMERICAN PEOPLE can sometimes FORCE the US semi-democratic state to recognize something or apologize, but even in those rare cases it takes sometimes decades and thousands of lives. Moreover because there are no real democratic mechanism of control by the American people of what their state is up to BEYOND national borders, the probability that Americans will force their state to apologize to some fellow human creatures in some other part of the world is ABSOLUTE ZERO. 
You may as well ask why the US don't want to apologize to Japan for nuclear bombing of its civilians in WW2, or why Israel isn't in a hurry to apologize to Palestinians for the criminal blockade and occupation, or why Russian state is in no mood to apologize to the Chechen people... or why Turkey doesn't think of apologizing to the Armenians etc etc. That's the essence of the antique 'state-nations' - even 'semi-democratic' ones amongst them. The prestige and the presumption of the morality and justifiability of what is done by a state, especially beyond its borders, is granted at a fundamental level. Such things as Nuremberg process or recognition of the massacre of Polish elites by the Soviets and such like is a HISTORICAL and very very RARE EXCEPTION, caused by a very very specific set of circumstances and overwhelming proof of the scale of the crimes. So the question is, in my view, absolutely INCORRECT. To pin one's hopes on some miracle in this sense is also unreasonable because Obama, with all due respect, is not Vaclav Havel and can never have been one - Vaclav Havel is phenomenon that is impossible in usual, steady political conditions, kind of ' a freak of nature' bound with transitional revolutionary processes.
One can with the same vain hope expect Obama to apologize to own nation on the behalf of the state for thousands upon thousands of American girls and boys uniform KILLED in the Iraqi war (an tens of thousands more mutilated for life) which was started under the 100% false excuses and grounds from the first. It is not a matter of who is president - Obama is the best imaginable president for the US for my taste, but it is a matter of the antique political SYSTEM, of its intrinsically immoral core, which is based not on pursuing fairness and justice in the context of the absolute universal value of human life, but on the primacy of 'state national interests' and the state presumption of innocence and good intentions. Hence the state FORCE defines what is moral, not the other way around. So the question is not about Obama, the question is about the structure of the US state and the continuity of state interests. Only HUGE pressure and a very specific set of external circumstances could FORCE American government to give an apology to Pakistani nation of to anyone else for that matter.
A MUCH more relevant question in my humble opinion is that HOW DARE the US in the person of its president even MENTION some kind of moral grounds and make ANY kind of moral judgements about other parts of the worlds in which it has its interests and presence (including military one). I can perfectly understand why the US state treat any other nation and people beyond its border as historical manure in deed without even bothering to reliably hide or cover the fact, but how can it be at the same time so BRAZEN as to EVER allude to some kind of MORAL grounds - that's what is completely beyond me! How can the US in those circumstances seriously believe that there is still something left of their moral authority and image - that's a real puzzle.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ECB starts printing money big time: nightmares come true!

The European Central Bank said it injected a record 489.19 billion euros (US$641bil) into eurozone banks in its first-ever three-year refinancing operation.
Sounds really apocalyptic but at the same time prosaic and predetermined. One can only imagine the dialog that took place between Angela Merkel and Sarkozy, it could have been something like this:

MERKEL: I am not sure... I do have some bad feelings and premonitions about unconditionally subjugating the one and only healthy donor-type economy in eurozone - Germany - to the parasitic majority of the whole company.. Don't think I am too scrupulous, but it looks a bit alarming in terms of possible historic responsibility...
SARKOZY: Oh, my dear Angela, come on, we live only once. Let's do the usual thing we in democratish countries always do in such situations - borrow from our children and grandchildren and postpone the big crash for several years... Even if it means a total collapse of the EU, this will not happen tomorrow and all those journalists and publicists, never mind our lot - politicians - will be saying that you just 'made a mistake' but you tried your hardest to save the whole thing... Nobody can accuse us of a CRIME we are protected by the 'half-democracy'. We just make sometimes mistakes... Nothing criminal... Lets live in the present - in this day - you and me have only a few years left in office... Let's not over-complicate things.

Instead of a comprehensive reform of the financial capitalism and democratization of the EU, they decided to do what almost all observers and analysts expected them to do in the end (you don't need an Oxford degree to make such predictions in the modern 'decomposed' Western political world): they 'leveraged' an already existentially dangerous structural problem. Instead of 'germanization' - okay, if somebody don't like this term, let them have Finlandization or Scandinavization - of those pseudo-democratic, American type oligarchic pluto-klepto-cratic neighbors like Italy or Greece - parasitic in essence (by no means do I blame the victimized people of those countries, rather the system and the state), they on the contrary bend down the heart of the European economy - Germany - to the dictates of its ill - now quite possibly terminally ill - members. They decided to treat the economic drug dependence with additional unending mega-shots of 'the financial heroin' - just to postpone the debts of the southern countries by loaning times more money at the expense of increasing the debts even more - to a fatal extent. And, mind you my dear reader, all those people in power KNOW what they do and all the consequences, which in my humble opinion, makes the difference between a mistake and a crime.
You also don't have to be Adam Smith now to understand that the huge economic problems of Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain etc, possibly even France, are to do with structural problems of those economies, with the structural problems of their political models (especially in countries like Italy and Greece) and structural problems in the format of the eurozone - both political and economic. Those countries are in essence oligarchic plutocracies (which mistakenly considered by some credulous people to be democracies), where there's a continuity of interests of successive governments, which themselves in essence are nothing more than an appendage of the powerful rich group(s) - a kind of lackey, or doorman at the doors or the club, the owners of which never have been the peoples of those countries. Of course every new government in Greece borrowed as much as possible using state bonds just to stay in power and satisfy the ever-increasing appetites of their master - wealthy 'elites'. Now, when the situation came to a head in such countries as Greece where the minimum supply of liquidity is coming to an end (the state and banks just don't have a minimal amount of money to sustain the basic economic mechanisms, after all those huge loaned money just drained in the private pocket of the wealthy 10% of the population), they decided to pump an additional amount of this 'heroin' DIRECTLY through the bank system, and institutionalize this approach via change of the ECB role to a KIND OF Fed. Reserve of the US (which Germany resisted so long but unsuccessfully in the end). That means in essence printing money, and indirectly using taxpayers' (predominantly German taxpayer's) money for covering the losses of the banks which are too big to fail (mainly German and French banks financed the Greek banks directly or via government and now the insurance company called 'taxpayers all over the Europe' must cover this megatheft for free - see Immediately and unsurprisingly the banks on the first day of the auction grabbed almost 500 bln euros (!!) from ECB, and this is only a start. Looks like a 'safety shot' in the head of the economic union of Europe.
The second problem is the same old problem, which, in my view, from the very start of the EU became a time bomb for the very EU: the total absence of democracy in the very foundation of the EU (never mind eurozone), and, hence, legitimacy ( The use of Central Banks in itself for printing money and pumping liquidity into the banking system is not necessarily bad at all times, but the problem is that within democratic national systems, e.g. in the case of the USA, Japan, England etc, the emission and REDISTRIBUTION of money supply has legitimacy with the people (at least nominal), and the people, at least nominally, have the power to influence the policymakers directly (through local and general elections), influencing through them what can be an UNJUST and unbalanced redistribution of money and credit power in the national economy - there is at least on paper a democratic feedback and a place for the people in this pact between the state institutions. But nothing of this sort do you have in the EU - The Soviet Union of European Governments and Functionaries. Germans are 120% sure that the actions of the ECB are aimed at stealing their purchasing power and the value of their savings (which is 120% true too) just to save the foreign fat cats (who give nothing instead) and their own fat cats (in the form of their bankrupt banks).
And there's nothing that Germans can do about this within the EU bureaucracy's rules and so called 'laws' (a union which is in essence a form of usurpation of national sovereign powers and democracy, because it is not democratic in itself). This leads the whole system directly to a political crisis of an immense scale. But European 'leaders' just continue - knowingly so - to inject the 'heroin' into the poisoned bloodstream of the system, robe their taxpayers without saying a WORD about the critical situation with democracy and legitimacy of this whole rosy house named 'EU' (I am really amazed by the fact they call themselves 'leaders' since in my simple mind, leaders are exemplified for instance by some Roman generals or Emperors who to heighten the moral and hope of their armies get ahead of everybody else and demonstratively risk their life to start a crucial attack and fundamentally change the course of the fight. The image of the miserable self-interested and cynical RATS, whose only task is getting rid of all kind of responsibilities, staying in power  as long as possible thanks to political prostitution and appearing even before their own public only in the presence of heavy security and behind the bullet-prof glass of their tank-like automobiles, doesn't easily fit into my old fashioned conception of leaders).

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My last tribute to a giant of a man - Vaclav Havel

I am sending my last tribute to the great man Vaclav Havel of the world, great politician and artist, who died today.
Unfortunately now the presence of such GIANTS in politics in the West is absolutely ruled out. The coming of Vaclav Havel into politics could become possible only and only thanks to the realities of the Cold War and the Soviet Occupation. Viewed against the background of such persons like Vaclav, today's political bedbugs in Europe, which dare to call themselves 'leaders', would really seem pathetic Lilliputs.
My heart goes out to the Czechs and those who really understand the human dimensions of Vaclav Havel and his contribution not only to the Czech Republic but to the world.
Thank you Vaclav for all you did, for your ideas and ideals, for your words and deeds.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Arab peoples must get rid of ALL illusions about the West's intentions

Arab peoples must get rid of ALL illusions about the West's intentions: Western powers have NEVER EVER wanted to promote a genuine democracy in the Middle East. They historically either financed dictators (like in Egypt or in Yemen) or created 'sham' democracies (like in Iraq or Bahrain) which in reality under the 'democratic gravy' are kleptocratic oligarchies (clan based or capital based), which steal from and cripple their own nations. The West is not only disinterested in real strong democracy in the Middle East, but does everything in its power to prevent it: WEAK Arab-speaking world is GOOD Arab-speaking world, at least in the view of the US. If Arabs want true democracy, they MUST build it themselves, and they'd better not step on the same 'mine' as India or Eastern European countries, who decided to build American type of capitalism ( American type of capitalism is incompatible with true democracy, cos capital has always more votes than people. Do learn from Finland and Sweden, which are not only much more socially and morally just societies but also are an order of magnitude more democratic than the US (practical control over what the state is up to and the independence of government from lobbying power of capital is incomparably better and unadulterated in Scandinavia which in part explains why the quality of life of the general public there is significantly better now than that in the US). Don't forget, the buzz word of 'democratic capitalism' is a malicious demagogic myth for the undereducated people.
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Canada exits Kyoto: oil prostitution has its modest price

Yeess, here I would reluctantly agree with you, my critical justice-seeking reader: Canada is a very active and progressive contributor to the global warming... though it doesn't mean that Canada is a region that feels the most of the consequences of this phenomenon in its 'most warming' manifestations, I am afraid...
Unfortunately Canada (of course here by Canada I mean only and only Canadian STATE), among many different types of 'political and economic prostitution' it has traditionally practiced, has lately taken to OIL prostitution and she's done it so energetically, enthusiastically and in earnest that has almost instantly overtaken her big southern brother in terms of the intensity of state's jolly fellatio - figuratively speaking - of the tar-smelling member of the oil corporations... American oil corporations... What the hell does Canada need this Kyoto protocol for if it digs up Alberta's tar sands (and all of Alberta with it) by the hands of the US oil companies for the good of American ecology and interests of American people?! Maybe for some crazy countries and regions like Germany. Japan. Korea etc, who go by leaps and bounds into the 21th century, developing green post-oil economy, it is important to have some green-house gas protocols, but of course not for Canada which has by right deserved to be exempt from this duty by her stubborn and triumphant march into the 20th century... even though her big southern brother's lately faltered a bit in his assurance on this front... Canada can sometimes remind a time machine.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Iran's nuclear weapon is inevitable: Israel must thank the US!

I am less than happy about Iran's nuclear program in the form it is now, BUT, unfortunately, as a rational man, I have to recognize the overwhelming probability that now nobody can prevent Iran from developing the enrichment process and getting all the ingredients to built its own nuclear explosive device. In my mind it's almost a forgone conclusion, though, I hasten to add, that it's not necessarily the main goal of the Iranian regime to construct an actual bomb. The main thing for them is to reach and demonstrate the absolute ability to built the bomb at will.
Also I have no doubts at all that the turning point in Iran's nuclear program and the huge window of opportunity Iran used for playing this card were created by Bush's government policy and actions (no matter deliberately or not), that's the US. After America got quite predictably bogged down into the unprecedentedly ugly, immoral and stupid war in Iraq while continuing to stay in Afghanistan (for reasons unknown too), there were no more factors left that could restrain Iran from going nuclear. This was rationally absolutely predictable and almost inevitable, and, in my view, therefore, the whole responsibility for any Iran's successes on this front must be FULLY placed on the US. In this sense Israel may say many many 'thanks' to its big friend for this 'help'. Furthermore, the very coming into power of radical Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could have been impossible without this 'performance' given by Bush on the Middle East stage. As is well known, before Ahmadinejad at the helm of Iran stood quite a moderate and incomparably more friendly and cultured Mohammad Khatami (who, by the way, mothballed the nuclear project). Of course the invasion of Iraq radicalized the Iranian society, giving such guys like Ahmadinejad a very good chance - a result, which cannot have been unpredicted (at least as a big possibility) by the White House.
Anyway, for now the technical and scientific potential of Iran at this stage of development and zero levers of the West to out pressure, in my mind, make Iran's becoming a nuclear state almost the inevitability. So one will have to live with that and build relations accordingly. All this fuss about Iran's threat to Israel or the US and, even more ridiculously, to Europe is, I am afraid, again is nothing more than a piece of very cheap, 20th century low standard demagoguery and propaganda.
Oh completely forgot, about DIPLOMATIC ways of preventing Iran from going nuclear and denuclearization of the Middle East : of course, it stands to reason and goes without saying, that Middle East should not have been nuclearized in the first place. In the 21th century, I hope, it is ridiculous even for a school boy to think that all those soulful, dear and 'highly moral' talks about preventing nuclear arms spread in the Middle East are just a kind of trite joke if in one package with it you don't discuss Israel with its illegal 200 nukes and one of the most powerful armies in the world (nonetheless additionally reinforced in the form of alliance by the most powerful army in the world - the US).
On the other hand, any strikes and military aggression against Iran will bring a chance that that country would be further radicalized and consider seriously using its technology for producing a real bomb. All those actions, be it on the part of Israel or the US, would mean really putting at (created) risk many people and many lives, and the responsibility for all the consequences of such, in my opinion CRIMINAL, gambling, would lie with those powers (that would start this harmful almost anti-humane, game).
That being said, there may be serious possibility to solve the 'nuclear' problem in theory: if - just assume for the sake of argument - the US gets serious about discussing Israel's nuclear arsenal and its denuclearization in the broad context together with Iran and all other countries in the Middle East. Such talk would be really an honest and adult attempt to start on the road to peace. But some 'inner voice' tells me (I hope it lies) that, though this fair and practicable way is obvious and workable, neither the US nor Israel will follow it in the foreseeable future, and the 20th century standard warmongering rhetoric will go on, further spoiling the international reputation and image of the US (you can't say anything about Israel's international reputation, if of course you don't place it alongside countries like Russia
In the meantime arguably the most dangerous nuclear country Pakistan - most dangerous not only of Israel, but for the whole of the world -remains among the friends and allies of America - America with whose tacit agreement, if not direct protection, Pakistan made this very nuclear weapon. Never ever did I hear that Israel tried at least to put some pressure on America in relation to its friendship with Pakistan. O no! Israel itself weaponizes Pakistan with great success. Don't tell me after that about Israeli and American governments caring about their peoples... Give me a break! Hah... the world and America's 'spoiled teenager' Israel would be by orders of magnitude more safe if America swapped around Pakistan and Iran, making the latter its strategic friend, and turning Pakistan into the 'bogeyman'. At least Iran has a sound control over all its territory, over its weapon arsenal and don't sponsor directly terrorists (which is such a characteristic feature of Pakistani governmental agencies). Iran in terms of its soundness and safety in comparison with America's beloved Pakistan can be seen as Belgium in comparison with Serbia in the times of Milosevic's rule.

Don't tell me the West cannot put more pressure on Assad!

It is too often that one has had lately to hear all kinds of demagoguery coming from Western leaders and political observers which boil down to the simple formula 'We cannot do anything more about Syria, cos all our non-military arsenal of levers and means of pressure has been exhausted'. To me that sounds like barefaced cheap lies - very cynical too.
There are a lots of things in the arsenal of the US & its Western allies to contribute to democratic revolution in Syria, or, at least, overthrowing Assad's repressive regime. What to do about Syria?
1. First of all, criminal proceedings should have been initiated against Assad in Hague Tribunal quite a time ago. Morally one cannot understand why it hasn't been done many months ago, but, taking into account the sad realities and absolute immorality of the politics of many so called democracies in the West it only stands to reason that Assad is not prosecuted by this 'controlled selective justice tool' - Hague Tribunal: many politicians in the West are still holding out hope that Assad's forces will prevail in the end, no real responsibility for saving Syrians will not have to be taken and Syria will continue to remain blissfully weak and therefore safe country in the eyes if the US - just as is the case with all the rest of the Middle East (about the purposeful policies of the West aimed at creating and keeping bloody dictators in the Middle East see also,  and It goes without saying that not having started prosecuting Assad through the Hague Tribunal just adds to the ruining of the already disfigured image and reputation of those justice institutions and principles.
2. Stop buying oil.
3. Stop all diplomatic relations with Syria, call back all diplomats.
4. FREEZE all bank accounts and transaction of the regime and its officials.
5. Deny entry visa and movement of any Syrian regime officials within (and through) the territory of the Western and countries.
6. Continue information war and moral support (there is huge experience accumulated by the West in this respect in the times of the Cold War, ranging from radio-channels provided for the dissidents of the regime to helping with financing the opposition groups' own press and information campaigns).
7. One the most important things to do: provide free specialist consultation to the opposition groups on more effective political fight tactics and organizations, about leadership formation and the creation of institutions.
8. Last but not least: Western powers must publicly PROMISE that irrespective of the situation in Syria the West's relations won't improve and all the sanctions will stay in force. Veeeery important step, because, obviously, now the Syrian government hopes (just as any other government would do in its place), that if it finally succeeds in suppressing the revolutionary forces, over time the situation will come back to normal, the West as ever, will calm down, and everything will be business as usual.
9. You don't need to be Machiavelli to understand that president Assad and his groups would resist to as long as possible and kill as many people as necessary to support their hope, for one simple reason: they FEAR for their lives. If the West is really interested in promoting democracy and saving as many civilian lives as possible (which I doubt very much on the historical grounds) they can negotiate a form of guaranties for Assad's life - kind of safe 'prison-asylum'. I am all for putting Assad on trial, but, as a man who REALLY wants to stop the blood shed in Syria, I would happily agree to 'imprison' Assad like Napoleon on some island with a life-long pension, servants and safe good conditions, ONLY to STOP the killings and facilitate the regime change. With all my hatred of people like Assad, thousands of innocent lives and a speedy change of regime for me are thousands times more valuable that one life of this butcher.
All theses things are understood and known by Western powers no worse than by me, but they are not done. Hope that new players like Turkey will help Syrian people much faster than Western HYPER-HYPOCRITES!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Governments' concern with global warming is hard to believe in

Just cannot help but drop a couple of skeptical remarks on this global warming fuss and hype supported by a number of Western countries: I think something needs to be elucidated once and for all about all those noises politicians in the West try to make about greenhouse gases and global warming threats, convening regular summits at the top level, flying there on huge jets, throwing big parties and having collective slick pictures taken of themselves as a memento at the expense of their crisis-stricken nations.
It is really hard for one to believe (if, of course, one is not a 16 year old youth, full of sweet fantasies and hopes about the nature of the modern politics and mechanisms governing it), that governments around the world are really concerned with the global warming and its consequences for the future generations - something looking more of a blueprint for a surrealistic novel or movie.
Global warming is practically a scientific reality (only 'voodoo parties' like Republicans in the US don't recognize the overwhelming base of scientific evidence in favor of the human-induced greenhouse effect taking place), and a dangerous reality too, but so far the history teaches us that politicians and governing elites (classes) not only aren't concerned the least bit about the future of the next generations, but on the contrary ALWAYS ready and willing to BORROW as much as possible from and make as much indebted (in all imaginable senses) as technically feasible generations of their children and grand-children. It is really ridiculous to think that all that global warming drivel originates in a kind of soulful compassion ostensibly cherished by those cynical, intrinsically immoral, political animals, who are ready to sell anything and anyone, including any national interests, only to stay in power during THEIR life-time on this planet - politicians who decide to send to war their kids to be killed and mutilated just at a snap of their fingers, after a private talk with a leader of a foreign nation on his ranch, regardless of opposition to this idea by 80% of their own nation, just because it could give them some assumed advantage. Give me a break. They couldn't care less about what can happen in a matter of 5-10 years, let alone after their death (at least now degeneration of the 'semi-democracies' brought the situation in West to this deplorable state of things).
But what the ruling elites, at least in Europe, have really become concerned is OIL ADDICTION and DEPENDENCE. Because none of them wants to say directly 'We want to move away from using hydrocarbons as the main energy source, stop financing rogue regimes (who are most often the lucky owners of the oil reserves), and stop this malicious over-dependence on the oil corporations wielding enormous lobbying power' they thought up this politically correct and HIGHLY MORAL (as usual) narrative about their care and concern for future generation and third developing countries suffering from the excessive droughts and floods, brought on by Global Warming. When oil prices went up to $100 per brl against the background of the soaring appetites of China and India for hydrocarbons and continuing depletion of easy oil fields, the Europeans started to feel some discomfort, especially seeing as nothing on the horizon bodes any improvement on this front.
Of course there are some other pleasant extras and bonuses that could be potentially derived from this 'MORAL' context, introduced by those 'angelic custodians of the well-being of the future generations': for example, instead of paying 'carbon-fuel' or 'technological' reparations to the developing countries (who only now, 100 years after the West, undergo the phase of industrialization of their economies, like China, India and many others), those Westerners can feel themselves cosmically brazen on the contrary to require some extra payments in return from those poor developing countries (though of course, it goes without saying, the main consumers of those new production bases created in the developing countries are Westerners, who in essence move their production from their 'clean garden' to the dirty shops of the new Asian contractors); or those developing countries could be put in a position where their companies and governments would be more willing (trying to be as MORAL as their big brothers in the West) to BUY new equipment and green technologies from the Western champions of the green future of the human kind (instead of getting them FREE as a partial compensation for those centuries of wild Western industrialization). Many other goodies could be potentially derived from this incredible heavenly MORALITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS of the posed MOTIVES of the Western countries, whose colossal industrialization at any cost with zero regard for anything and anyone live else in the world during the last couple of centuries, became the one and only cause of this very Global Warming. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Brief comments on hijab and burqa ban in Europe

It is really really hard for anyone, for whom liberal ideals and human rights are not just empty gestures, to find proper words to describe what has been offered and done by France and, then, by other European powers in relation to this miniscule minority of Muslim women, who, more often than not squeezed between a rock and a hard place of their conservative Muslim families, are forced to wear burqas or hijabs under pain of some or other form of punishment.
Sometimes such things make me really doubt whether France and Europe in general really need those enlightenment giants like Volter, Didro, Rousseau etc... What is more painful is that such kind of 'witch hunt of the 21th century' has become possible in Europe and citizens are in no hurry to come to the defense of this small marginalized majority of women. It is not very difficult to imagine how such political demagogues like Sarkozy have turned into emotional and moral eunuchs, which don't hesitate a minute before making popular and political capital on anything, but the level of moral and civil indifference among the general civil public to this issue does remind of the same indifference and callousness which the German public felt towards Jewish persecution and exodus in the 30s. I never thought that I would live to see such ugly things in Europe in the 21th century.
Of course here we talk about a really minute minority of women who wear outdoor those hijabs - about 2000 all in all if one is to believe the social studies. A minority which is associated with a very specific set of circumstances and which is more often than not is a victim of very conservative traditions in the family environment where the rules are dictated by males and where physical violence as a form compulsion and 'persuasion' is method #1.
The intellectual powers of a school graduate are quite sufficient to understand that imposing huge administrative fines on those 2000 women as a PUNISHMENT for wearing a hijab cannot and will not have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the real solution of the real problem of cultural integration of those families and helping the real victims of this situation. Even less does all this farce have to do with the promotion of so called 'French values' as well as keeping the secular freedoms (indeed, cannibalistic tribes according to this perverse logic must be considered to be good conservationists). You don't have to be Einstein either to guess how much this 'witch hunt' would add to the pain and humiliation of the already victimized, most helpless and unprotected element in this situation - to those poor dependent women. How CRUEL and emotionally OSSIFIED must the French civil society have become to approve such kind of '19th century methods' and, instead of honest reliable solution, make the weakest and already most humiliated minority a scape goat. SHAME! I just sometimes hope that I wake up in a cold sweat to find that all of this was just a terrible dream... I don't blame such cynical monsters like Sarkozy and Co., but the European people, whose ideals were based on the enlightenment sometime in the past, must know better and be able to tell the difference between super cynical populists stunts, and the real process of solving the problem of the cultural integration, which must be done not by political gamblers, but by scientists: sociologists, psychologists, culturologists etc.