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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Governments' concern with global warming is hard to believe in

Just cannot help but drop a couple of skeptical remarks on this global warming fuss and hype supported by a number of Western countries: I think something needs to be elucidated once and for all about all those noises politicians in the West try to make about greenhouse gases and global warming threats, convening regular summits at the top level, flying there on huge jets, throwing big parties and having collective slick pictures taken of themselves as a memento at the expense of their crisis-stricken nations.
It is really hard for one to believe (if, of course, one is not a 16 year old youth, full of sweet fantasies and hopes about the nature of the modern politics and mechanisms governing it), that governments around the world are really concerned with the global warming and its consequences for the future generations - something looking more of a blueprint for a surrealistic novel or movie.
Global warming is practically a scientific reality (only 'voodoo parties' like Republicans in the US don't recognize the overwhelming base of scientific evidence in favor of the human-induced greenhouse effect taking place), and a dangerous reality too, but so far the history teaches us that politicians and governing elites (classes) not only aren't concerned the least bit about the future of the next generations, but on the contrary ALWAYS ready and willing to BORROW as much as possible from and make as much indebted (in all imaginable senses) as technically feasible generations of their children and grand-children. It is really ridiculous to think that all that global warming drivel originates in a kind of soulful compassion ostensibly cherished by those cynical, intrinsically immoral, political animals, who are ready to sell anything and anyone, including any national interests, only to stay in power during THEIR life-time on this planet - politicians who decide to send to war their kids to be killed and mutilated just at a snap of their fingers, after a private talk with a leader of a foreign nation on his ranch, regardless of opposition to this idea by 80% of their own nation, just because it could give them some assumed advantage. Give me a break. They couldn't care less about what can happen in a matter of 5-10 years, let alone after their death (at least now degeneration of the 'semi-democracies' brought the situation in West to this deplorable state of things).
But what the ruling elites, at least in Europe, have really become concerned is OIL ADDICTION and DEPENDENCE. Because none of them wants to say directly 'We want to move away from using hydrocarbons as the main energy source, stop financing rogue regimes (who are most often the lucky owners of the oil reserves), and stop this malicious over-dependence on the oil corporations wielding enormous lobbying power' they thought up this politically correct and HIGHLY MORAL (as usual) narrative about their care and concern for future generation and third developing countries suffering from the excessive droughts and floods, brought on by Global Warming. When oil prices went up to $100 per brl against the background of the soaring appetites of China and India for hydrocarbons and continuing depletion of easy oil fields, the Europeans started to feel some discomfort, especially seeing as nothing on the horizon bodes any improvement on this front.
Of course there are some other pleasant extras and bonuses that could be potentially derived from this 'MORAL' context, introduced by those 'angelic custodians of the well-being of the future generations': for example, instead of paying 'carbon-fuel' or 'technological' reparations to the developing countries (who only now, 100 years after the West, undergo the phase of industrialization of their economies, like China, India and many others), those Westerners can feel themselves cosmically brazen on the contrary to require some extra payments in return from those poor developing countries (though of course, it goes without saying, the main consumers of those new production bases created in the developing countries are Westerners, who in essence move their production from their 'clean garden' to the dirty shops of the new Asian contractors); or those developing countries could be put in a position where their companies and governments would be more willing (trying to be as MORAL as their big brothers in the West) to BUY new equipment and green technologies from the Western champions of the green future of the human kind (instead of getting them FREE as a partial compensation for those centuries of wild Western industrialization). Many other goodies could be potentially derived from this incredible heavenly MORALITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS of the posed MOTIVES of the Western countries, whose colossal industrialization at any cost with zero regard for anything and anyone live else in the world during the last couple of centuries, became the one and only cause of this very Global Warming. 

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