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Friday, December 16, 2011

Arab peoples must get rid of ALL illusions about the West's intentions

Arab peoples must get rid of ALL illusions about the West's intentions: Western powers have NEVER EVER wanted to promote a genuine democracy in the Middle East. They historically either financed dictators (like in Egypt or in Yemen) or created 'sham' democracies (like in Iraq or Bahrain) which in reality under the 'democratic gravy' are kleptocratic oligarchies (clan based or capital based), which steal from and cripple their own nations. The West is not only disinterested in real strong democracy in the Middle East, but does everything in its power to prevent it: WEAK Arab-speaking world is GOOD Arab-speaking world, at least in the view of the US. If Arabs want true democracy, they MUST build it themselves, and they'd better not step on the same 'mine' as India or Eastern European countries, who decided to build American type of capitalism ( American type of capitalism is incompatible with true democracy, cos capital has always more votes than people. Do learn from Finland and Sweden, which are not only much more socially and morally just societies but also are an order of magnitude more democratic than the US (practical control over what the state is up to and the independence of government from lobbying power of capital is incomparably better and unadulterated in Scandinavia which in part explains why the quality of life of the general public there is significantly better now than that in the US). Don't forget, the buzz word of 'democratic capitalism' is a malicious demagogic myth for the undereducated people.
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