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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Canada exits Kyoto: oil prostitution has its modest price

Yeess, here I would reluctantly agree with you, my critical justice-seeking reader: Canada is a very active and progressive contributor to the global warming... though it doesn't mean that Canada is a region that feels the most of the consequences of this phenomenon in its 'most warming' manifestations, I am afraid...
Unfortunately Canada (of course here by Canada I mean only and only Canadian STATE), among many different types of 'political and economic prostitution' it has traditionally practiced, has lately taken to OIL prostitution and she's done it so energetically, enthusiastically and in earnest that has almost instantly overtaken her big southern brother in terms of the intensity of state's jolly fellatio - figuratively speaking - of the tar-smelling member of the oil corporations... American oil corporations... What the hell does Canada need this Kyoto protocol for if it digs up Alberta's tar sands (and all of Alberta with it) by the hands of the US oil companies for the good of American ecology and interests of American people?! Maybe for some crazy countries and regions like Germany. Japan. Korea etc, who go by leaps and bounds into the 21th century, developing green post-oil economy, it is important to have some green-house gas protocols, but of course not for Canada which has by right deserved to be exempt from this duty by her stubborn and triumphant march into the 20th century... even though her big southern brother's lately faltered a bit in his assurance on this front... Canada can sometimes remind a time machine.

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