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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hyundai pays tribute to Kim Jong-Il. What's next, tribute to Hitler?

Oh My GOD! The head of South Korean car-producing giant Hyundai arrived officially in North Korea to pay last tribute and mourn the deceased butcher and terrorist Kim Jong-Il!! Just pinch me, I can't believe I am not asleep! Of course everyone remembers from the history books how British, French in American corporations in the 1930s with full clout and support of their respective governments vied for the honor and privilege of taking and serving large industrial orders from Hitler's Nazi Germany(more often than not those were military-related orders), but what you can see now is something completely surrealistic: to put a proper analogy to this Hyundai official visit one should imagine something like Ford visiting Germany (with the permission and full support of the US Government too) AFTER the end of the second world war in order to PAY tribute to the dead Hitler with the aim of promoting national economic interests... My foot! Even the best satirists and comedians in the 21th century cannot think up in their wildest imaginings plots which could be even closely comparable to the political realities in terms of the bottomless abyss of cynicism and immorality of things done by governments of so called developed countries all around the world without a blink.
By the way,  I don't believe for a minute that South Korea government is really interested in the collapse of N Korean regime & in unification of the split nation, and such visits like this one of Hyundai just confirms me all the more in this disbelief. In many ways South Korean state does its best to preserve the status quo in North Korea, that's the anti-human weak regime, for as long as possible. If there was really political will to destroy this awful formation and unite the split nation - thousands of families - I honestly believe it would have been done LOOOOOOONG AGO without too much difficulty too. But the short-term interest of every incoming government is much higher that the lives of their brothers on the other side of the border and the tragedy of the split nation. No one wants to take this responsibility but, instead, everyone among the politicians wants to have a comfortable enemy nearby to lessen their responsibility for truly important things and hype their role as a defender of people from that enemy... - a form of state terrorism, so to speak, where people pays authorities for their own fears supported by these authorities.
If there were a real interest in coping with N Korean regime, there are a lots of good things and guaranties that South Korea could offer to those political 'clowns' in exchange for a fast reform or even revolutionary reform dismantling this extremely weak formation in matter of years. But that's not what South Korea government is concerned with, and its Western Allies (who love spouting about democratic values so much) for that matter.

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