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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My last tribute to a giant of a man - Vaclav Havel

I am sending my last tribute to the great man Vaclav Havel of the world, great politician and artist, who died today.
Unfortunately now the presence of such GIANTS in politics in the West is absolutely ruled out. The coming of Vaclav Havel into politics could become possible only and only thanks to the realities of the Cold War and the Soviet Occupation. Viewed against the background of such persons like Vaclav, today's political bedbugs in Europe, which dare to call themselves 'leaders', would really seem pathetic Lilliputs.
My heart goes out to the Czechs and those who really understand the human dimensions of Vaclav Havel and his contribution not only to the Czech Republic but to the world.
Thank you Vaclav for all you did, for your ideas and ideals, for your words and deeds.

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