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Friday, December 9, 2011

Brief comments on hijab and burqa ban in Europe

It is really really hard for anyone, for whom liberal ideals and human rights are not just empty gestures, to find proper words to describe what has been offered and done by France and, then, by other European powers in relation to this miniscule minority of Muslim women, who, more often than not squeezed between a rock and a hard place of their conservative Muslim families, are forced to wear burqas or hijabs under pain of some or other form of punishment.
Sometimes such things make me really doubt whether France and Europe in general really need those enlightenment giants like Volter, Didro, Rousseau etc... What is more painful is that such kind of 'witch hunt of the 21th century' has become possible in Europe and citizens are in no hurry to come to the defense of this small marginalized majority of women. It is not very difficult to imagine how such political demagogues like Sarkozy have turned into emotional and moral eunuchs, which don't hesitate a minute before making popular and political capital on anything, but the level of moral and civil indifference among the general civil public to this issue does remind of the same indifference and callousness which the German public felt towards Jewish persecution and exodus in the 30s. I never thought that I would live to see such ugly things in Europe in the 21th century.
Of course here we talk about a really minute minority of women who wear outdoor those hijabs - about 2000 all in all if one is to believe the social studies. A minority which is associated with a very specific set of circumstances and which is more often than not is a victim of very conservative traditions in the family environment where the rules are dictated by males and where physical violence as a form compulsion and 'persuasion' is method #1.
The intellectual powers of a school graduate are quite sufficient to understand that imposing huge administrative fines on those 2000 women as a PUNISHMENT for wearing a hijab cannot and will not have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the real solution of the real problem of cultural integration of those families and helping the real victims of this situation. Even less does all this farce have to do with the promotion of so called 'French values' as well as keeping the secular freedoms (indeed, cannibalistic tribes according to this perverse logic must be considered to be good conservationists). You don't have to be Einstein either to guess how much this 'witch hunt' would add to the pain and humiliation of the already victimized, most helpless and unprotected element in this situation - to those poor dependent women. How CRUEL and emotionally OSSIFIED must the French civil society have become to approve such kind of '19th century methods' and, instead of honest reliable solution, make the weakest and already most humiliated minority a scape goat. SHAME! I just sometimes hope that I wake up in a cold sweat to find that all of this was just a terrible dream... I don't blame such cynical monsters like Sarkozy and Co., but the European people, whose ideals were based on the enlightenment sometime in the past, must know better and be able to tell the difference between super cynical populists stunts, and the real process of solving the problem of the cultural integration, which must be done not by political gamblers, but by scientists: sociologists, psychologists, culturologists etc.

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