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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A few comments on Norway apocalypse

To protect a country from such scale bombing and shooting two VERY SIMPLE things must be done: BAN gun possession & ammonium nitrate (this type of fertilizer) free sale. I understand this simple measure, that means any professional understood and understands this simple thing even better. Any specialized Government agency - its specialized anti-terrorist and explosion professionals - have known this for all their life. What can prevent anybody in Norway from bombing Norway? NOTHING, cos anybody can go to the garden shop by ammonium nitrate and make as much explosive as he wants. Any specialist knows it. All those governments including Norwegian one have talked for many years about their cooperative measures and info exchanges in their self-less fight against terrorism, and none of them have answered the simple question: 'What has been done to prevent ANYBODY who wants to blow up the country from easily doing so with ammonium nitrate?' NOTHING have been done DESPITE that there's not a shade of doubt that any man in the relevant agencies at least a bit closely connected professionally with this sphere. understood and understands the simple possibility of making explosives and explosions at will at any place at any time for anyone. WHY?? And who is to blame? They know that it is possible and no obstacles were on the way for anyone to commit an explosion, but NO-THING has been done. The only answer - they, government, from the very first DIDN'T WANT to close this possibility, though they could do so in a matter of a day. The same goes for small arms selling, possession and carrying. Is it so difficult to predict that with the current weapons laws anyone can organize in Norway '911' at will? Didn't the Government understand it?? Of course it did. That's their cooperative fight against terrorism for you. That's the protection they give you for your money. That's the importance of 'anti-terrorist wars' they wage in other countries at the expense of your, dear Norwegians, LIVES and money. Get it, taste it and eat it whole!
Now of course atrocious politicians will try do the everything in their power to turn a psychological and safety protection problem into a political one, try cynically to derive maximum dividends from this tragedy giving an impression of their importance and indispensability, giving the problem as much political color as  possible, although the only political objective consequence of this is that Police and Government of Norway should be criminally prosecuted for doing ZERO in terms of REAL provision of safety.
Can a man out of boredom start a war against a whole country, just to get into the history books? Easily, cos technically possible - Norway, and because there are ALWAYS a small percent of men never valuing the human life as such. So many all sorts of shoot-outs have been in the USA and Europe, but the scale was smaller because the lack of planning.
Can a man out of boredom start a war against a whole country, just to get into the history books? Easily, cos technically possible - Norway. There will be lots of political insinuations, but it looks like the problem and motives are closer to the grim prophecy of the movie 'Natural Born Killers' by Oliver Stone.
But a question must arise for Norwegians: why do they hold & pay their police & army? Wage war in Iraq & Afg? To patrol Oslo after a carnage with serious faces and frowned brows keeping up the pretense of having control and caring for safety of the people? No attack on democracy in Norway: such things happen because of lack of democracy: lack of people's control over the efficiency of Govt agencies, incl army police and intelligence.
Fact #1: no police on the island
Fact #2: police arrived only... wait for it... 40 min (!!) after the call to the island! They fight in Afghanistan, Iraq and God knows where else as they as to bring the good and SECURITY to some distant corners of the world and nations, but when it comes to protection of NORWEGIANS they come in 40 min, give an allowance for a terrorist to go the shop and restore the supply of ammunition if it wasn't sufficient to kill all people on the island. My foot! Even in slow Australia ambulance by helicopter reaches any site of the continent in less than 40 min, including the most inhabited wild areas of the bush. They fight with terrorism... If anyone at all fights with terrorism, its guys like Julian Assange and Bradly, keeping in mind who are the main terrorists - people in power, who like talk about democracy, but who are very little controlled by too poor semi-democracy and who do everything in their power to keep in place the gaping holes and the doors open for everyone who wants to blow the nation. Why no democracy in operation? Because Norwegians don't have any control over the governmental agencies and cannot influence their effectiveness.

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