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Friday, July 29, 2011

About the probability of success of Egypt's revolution

I really doubt that so far a real revolution has taken place in Egypt - no hard proof of that, alas. There occurred the toppling of Mubarak's regime by the military, who used popular support and the moment. I don't understand at all where all this infatuation with and enthusiasm for the military many Egyptian people feel comes from, since the military have never ever been a great fan of democracy, almost by definition - like a wolf playing the role of a custodian of a flock of ship.  Conscious revolutionaries would never ever have let the military get into power, let alone stay there as a 'temporary' guarantor of democracy. Military as a guarantor of democracy! Ha ha- the shortest funny story I've ever heard of. The military has been built and created for absolutely different purposes - to KILL PEOPLE or to manage them WITH FORCE - military force at that, and defend the ruling regime (itself included if this ruling regime is headed by the military) by force.
Anyway, let's hope that this situation has a short-term potential of development into something bigger than a trivial banal military dictatorship.
Then first thing to do is to throw the military out of power and out of office ahead of their screams and, subsequently put very tight limits on their powers in the Constitution FOR GOOD. The same goes for the intelligence and other special services. Both - the army and special  services must not  only be limited but also made utterly transparent: no 'state secrecy' any more in the form it's been known, any info which is to be made a secret must be unrestrictedly accessible for Parliament committees and some other independent controlling bodies, preferable public and publicly controlled directly too. Parliament committees must have not only an unrestricted access to any info and activity of those with weapons in their hands, but also supreme rights to monitor and control the activity, conduct special investigations and make public reports thereon.
Second, politically, there needs to be formed PEOPLE'S temporary governing body with great powers and only this could promise a good start now and some fundamental change. This organ must be composed only and only of socially significant figures who have NEVER EVER had anything to do with either former government and parliament, nor with any powerful government agency. Who have never been in politics at all. The history of every member of such people's counsel must be accessible to everyone in infinite details from the cradle to the first kiss, including the every single movement to the toilet. Then at least two elections to parliament must be planned at once by this body, organized and fulfilled. Every candidate must be cleaned for 120%, any detail of his biography must be accessible publicly. Only and only then there could be some tangible hope that this so called revolution could turn into some concrete fruits and bring some irreversible democratic change. Court proceedings and huge criminal prosecutions of the champions of the old regime must continue non-stop PUBLICLY. Lustration must be done on a national scale, and be of an unprecedented proportions, scope and clarity. EVERY SINGLE EGYPTIAN who directly or indirectly was involved in or connected with the former political system must be known to everyone.

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