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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yes, Bradley Manning and Assange deserve the Nobel prize possibly more than Obama does!

Yes, I do enjoy my breakfast much more after Wikileaks with the help of such conscientious guys like Bradley Manning (the dying breed) dealt a good blow to the western governments on the front of their irresponsible international policies. Politicians have many years avoided introduction of new mechanisms of responsibility for their international actions. Everything continued to be covered with the dark veil of 'state secrecy' which allowed them decide the questions of war and peace without ANY control of their constituency. The system has not been reformed though this question was overripe and we paid THOUSANDS of lives of young boys in uniform killed in Iraq and Afghan - two wars started by governments of democratic countries just at the snap of fingers without a bit of sanction on the part of peoples that elected them. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in those countries where Western governments played at being God at the expense of money and LIVES of their taxpayers. Now they DARE give some cynical nonsense about the ' wikileaks putting in jeopardy lives'!!
So once there are no direct control over those games on the part of governments provided by the existing democratic systems, the Internet and good will of free global community came to the assistance.
I do think that the founder of the Wikileaks is more worthy of the Nobel Price than Obama (although I am a great fan of this president and persona). Western world (people) must know what their elected governments are up to, and if there is no other mechanisms for normal democratic control, then there's no other choice other than to resort to the 'Wikileaks surgery', last but necessary measure in the conditions and atmosphere of ABSOLUTE refusal of the governments to be at least a bit accountable in the realm on the external politics and policies.
I am not surprised  Assange is now being hunted by Interpol, and that suddenly some criminal accusations of rape "popped up" in Sweden. I don't believe it is a coincidence in time. Even the fact that he is accused of rape - a crime which would damage and denigrate his image and reputation in the eyes of the public - is quite fits in with logic of the behavior of the US government. His site was disrupted by cyberattacks the other day. Nothing surprising too. For me it proves almost 100% the following:
1) The governments of so called democracies are still feel themselves above the law and have the tools to be above the law and launch a hunt against every mere mortal individual in the world who makes them feel really uncomfortable regardless of whether this individual is right or wrong in legal terms.
2) They don't hesitate a second before launching a such major hunt. They are outside normal ethics or 'moral field' - all that can be uncomfortable for them is bad, and any any methods to dispose of 'the bad guy' are good because they are GOVERNMENT. That's all. They are intrinsically immoral and if they had no other option dispose of the opponent than by killing, thew would kill him (if they were sure that they do it really secretly without consequences).
In this sense we are still in 19th century. When it comes to confrontation between an individual and a government for the latter there's no such thing as MORAL.
3) This proves me for 120% that we need more more such Wikileaks, because nothing else can stop or restrain those immoral governments from doing bad things on the international stage than transparency and detailed info available to general public about what those governments are up to. Only only this could prevent 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc Afghan, Iraq etc War.

Those technocrats are now clucking about damage to Diplomatic Relations of the US. Poor State Dept, pity I don't have a hankie to wipe those pea-sized tears rolling down my cheeks. I am so sorry about the damage, but 1) it's hard imagine that those high officials found anything new about themselves and the true attitudes to each other - it would rather make sense to hide those things from the public eyes, cos they know about each other a lot 2) I, as a regular mortal citizen of a democratic country don't care a damn about the problems of the damage to the Diplomatic Agencies and their relations, I am much more concerned about the damage to myself and other people, including the damage inflicted by those Diplomatic agencies and their sweet interrelationship. For example, the US, when cooking the case for an invasion of Iraq, referred to 'data of the British intelligence', just one of many many examples of how those sweet diplomatic friendship can help start a war in which thousands of American boys and girls were killed. Huge orders for billions of dollars could be made by Governments - billions of dollars of taxpayers - to bye some military jets, and you can never check them or accuse them of corruption and kick-backs because... right! because those beautiful sweet diplomatic relationships sweetness of which is directly proportionate to the secrecy of the info about those deals for,.. the nation, true owner of the money!

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