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Monday, March 14, 2011

America refused to teach Arabs democracy, then Arabs will teach the US democracy!

During all the second half of the 20th century not only did America support the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East but actually nourished them, financed them and protected them, because, so called 'national interests' (special label under which governments tend to guise governmental and political interests) as ever topped the values and principles, despite the fact that there's no 'special interests' in the American constitution and those ethical values and philosophical visions that had been established by the Fathers-founders of the country and of the nation. To put it simply the US has been absolutely unscrupulous and unprincipled in its opportunistic and often extremely cynical foreign policies and has shitted on its own declared moral principles and values like no one else - those moral principles, which are really extra precious and universal, which, without being taken hostage, really could become 'the weapon of mass instruction' if the US had been firm in following them. All of these bitter truths are no secrete: they have been many times recognized in full and openly at the highest political level, e.g. by Secretary Rice ( and others.
Yes, over the Cold War era it was much easier to mask political and governmental interests and unscrupulousness, substituting and passing them off for 'national interests' - this art and mastery of the fraudulent substitution the US adopted from Russia in less then no time. The paradigm 'ends justify means' became an integral part of everything done by the US, though historically and culturally it had never been inherent in the nation's politics before. But what's even worse in this situation is that: AFTER the Cold War had ended the US didn't bother to change anything in this sense. Just business as usual.
The direct and understandable result of this has been such a huge, truly ASTRONOMICAL loss of any moral authority of the US and all that that country is preaching - especially after the Iraq war and open support of Caddafi regime in 2000s - that even after the coming to power of such a humanist and intellectual as Obama, the real capacity of America to do something good in terms of protecting democratic values and human rights (on the rare occasions when it really became necessary) turns out to be close to ZERO! America do need to restore at least partially the 'store of credit' that it used to command far in the past, but never will the US be able to do so before open, honest and whole-hearted recognition, if not contrition, of its own betrayal of its own values. The US needs some serious sole-searching, self-reflection, contrition and renouncement once and for all of the methods and demagogic techniques it largely used in the past.
There are natural processes and natural aspirations to democracy in the world, and if the US continues to work against them for the sake of.. 'special interests', then, in the end it will be America, not those countries, who falls behind. America does need to solve this arguably the biggest moral and ethical crisis - accumulated crises - in its entire history!
If America refuses to help Arabs to win democracy, than Arabs will teach Americans about democracy and the real responsibility of the government and political elites.
If the American government doesn't develop democracy in controlling its own action beyond the borders of the country, than Bradly Manning and Julian Assange (and many many other 'usual people' who happens to be 1000 times more honest and conscientious than the so called elites) will develop it in their own good way without being given any choice from above. But the second way - to wait until someone else teach the US about its own democratic values - will be the most painful, stupid and humiliating. Is there any point in just waiting till the eggs teach the hen? Isn't the time ripe for the US for a big review of foreign policy ethics and straightening-out?

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