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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Correction: Julian Assange has been motivated by lack of choice

One very important point to clarify: contrary to what many people believe or want to believe, Bradly Manning and Julian Assange and his supporters in Wikileaks decided to publish all the US diplomatic materials about war in Iraq and Afghanistan NOT because his stance is radically anarchistic or because he want to overturn all governments at once, but because he didn't see any other choice within the existing very obsolete and next to absolutely ineffective system of democratic control over what governments are up to on the international arena. That is the problem. Wikileaks 'bomb' is not a product of some super-radical beliefs, but a mere symptom, a sublimation of the objective force of people's desire to know and control what their 'big brother' does after there has been accumulated an unprecedented corpus of evidence that what the governments do internationally is more often than not goes DEAD AGAINST the interests and lives of their citizens. Wikileaks has just played the role of a safety valve, the last circle of defense. IF the government of the US had started before a comprehensive and deep reform of the control mechanisms, it's quite possible there would never have been such dramatic revelations and leakages. Just there comes a time where there's no choice left, because governments of so called democratic countries just legalize the secrecy of any of their action and the secrecy and unaccountability for their actions. They grant themselves virtually with total immunity, which means in practice impunity.
Democracy MUST BE DEMOCRATIC, not democratish like in the US!! And that means not parliaments, not elections once per 4 years, not some media that may criticize something, not changes of government from time to time once per 4 years, but it means REAL AND EFFECTIVE TOOLS AND MECHANISMS OF CONTROL BY THE CITIZENS OVER THEIR GOVERNMENTS ON ANY FRONT ranging from any negotiation and any candy bought from or sold to another country, and to the last piece of paper the government officials use to wipe themselves!
Wikileaks in this sense is an NATURAL phenomenon. It is not the Wikileaks project that became a major problem for some Western governments, but it is a huge pile of problems accumulated and publicly realized during decades that have lead to Wikileaks 'disruption' in the end in the atmosphere of total reluctance on the part of governments to leave at last the 20th century and move into the 21th.

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