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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bahrain, Yemen: just another litmus test to reveal the ethical crisis in the US foreign policy

Situation in Bahrain and Yemen is just another excellent litmus of the US loyalty to its own declared principles and values of Democracy, of its choice between true values and so called 'interests' - a buzzword (belonging to the second-class demagogic vocabulary of the 20th century) that has lately begun producing a nauseating feeling in many educated people at the mere mention of it.
While America and the rest of the West are procrastinating over the nauseating red-herring of 'no-fly zone', only to do absolutely nothing of the pile of things they could and should have done many weeks ago to help the people of Libya, the situation around Bahrain government trying to kill and violently suppress its own people has reached an unprecedented scale and degree of cynicism. Authorities asked and let in a huge corpus of military force from a foreign country to help them to shoot and cripple their own people!! Unbelievable indeed! One country not only kills and beats its own people, but help another government to help with some extra butchers in order to more successfully and reliably dispose of the demonstrators! That's 21th century indeed! In Yemen protesters are killed by their dozens by the government's force in the form of special services and military. They open fire on their civilians in Yemen without any qualms and scruples. But Yemen too, to great disappointment and horror of Yemeni people, is a country of 'the special strategic interest' to the US!
And what could we hear from the US on this score? Just: 'Please, show respect to your citizens'. Respect indeed... 'Tut-tut', - said the US to Bahrain bloody butchers, wagging its finger.. Even Caddafi, whom the US exhorted to leave and accused of criminal actions against his own people several days ago, was not as directly unprincipled and defiant a butcher as to ask OFFICIALLY a FOREIGN COUNTRY to help him to kill its people to retain their freedom in his fist. I wonder: what would the US say if Cuba, whose 11 m people (not leadership by any means) have been tortured by the US sanctions for decades, had openly and officially invited foreign troops to help to beat and kill people and defend the regime? But of course, let's not forget, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (the latter is the biggest financier of terrorist activity against the US itself) are.. of course 'strategic interests'! All in all, those absolutely terrifying and unlimited in their cynical cruelty events in Bahrain have been just PASSED OVER by the West in general and by the US in particular. They have been passed over regardless of the fact that they have evolved in full view of the amused public 'in broad daylight' for several weeks on end now, and came to something that would constitute a new personal record even for such a miraculously anti-human maniac as colonel Caddafi.
Just another of the recent glaring examples of the huge, unbridgeable and unconcealed chasm between the American values and the American interests, the American words and the Americans deeds, the American external political declarations and intentions. Does the US fight socialism (or protect capitalism) or does it defend democracy? Does it fight religious extremism or does it defend its oil interests? Does it fight against real criminals guilty of genocide against their own people, or does it protect 'special interests' and special rights of special countries like Israel? Does the US government political establishment fight to protect their own interests and interests of some other special countries at the expense of the American people or does it fight to defend the real interests of the nation? Does the US fight to provide a good pension, dividends and cloudless future for some bloody adventurists like Chaney, Bush, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld etc, or does it fight to insure that those conscientious people of the young generation get more hope and less disappointment and that there is less need of such selfless desperate figures like Bradly Manning in order to tear the fiendish veil behind which the US Government with 120% guarantee can hide any true motives and crimes against the true interests of the American people as well as other nations without a single mechanism of democratic control on this front.
Just one more blow to already totally destroyed moral reputation. The continuing megacrisis of zero ethical credibility of the US in its foreign policy has just reached a point where there is no avoiding big decision and real changes (promised by Obama, but unfulfilled so far because of huge accumulation of a huge amount of 'historical junk of unprincipled and morally irresponsible actions'). This is just an additional note to what's been said earlier:

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