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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The West re Lybia seems intentionally slow and utterly hypocritical!

Everything done by the West at present seems intentionally as slow and as practically ineffective as possible - just saving the face and making a show.
The help should have been provided immediately. Now the US are trying to allude to Iraqi experience - good one. But no one's asking the US to do a direct military invasion. The first things to help are obviously these and some others: 1) absolute blockade of any potential weaponry and mercenary supplies to Tripoli by sea (should have been done weeks ago) 2) facilitation of and, if need be, help with the supply of foods and basic goods to the won territories 3) necessary financial help 4) CONSULTING HELP (!!) for rebels - advise by a bunch of specialist in the fields such as effective administrative maintaining of the captured territory, logistics, effective creation of the chain of command, creation of power leadership, the right way of winning hearts and minds and retaining civil population on their side, sharing some of intelligence information about Cadafi moves etc etc. First thing the rebels need is not direct military invasion as in Iraq, but BRAIN HELP AND EXPERTISE - that's what they need from the West apart from words of formal support. Also some special non-military equipment. And anybody understands, that the West could have really helped very much to Libyan people without any military intervention - very many things that could have and should have been done long ago, but that have not been done. One more evidence for me of an unbelievably cynical position and pretense of the West, especially the US, in its relationship with cruel dictatorial regimes. Everyone knew more than 40 years who Cadafi was - no secret. But just at the same time as a court trial was going on of Sadam Husein, Muamar Cadafi was increasingly saluted and accepted by the West. No only the West has been ever more involved in trading and business investment in Lybia, but, what is the most important for me, the West started shook hands, GIVE HUGS to Cadafi, invite this 'cannibalistic' Cadafi to some special festive events as a guest of honor. No substantial difference between Cadafi and Hussein - no secret! Only one phrase is in my head when I observe the way the West and the US in particular are treating various regimes: unprincipled SELF-INTEREST and HYPOCRISY! Shame!
If nothing is changed, there will soon come a time when not a single word from the West is taken seriously by anybody in moral aspect after this unending string of hypocritical lies and utter commercialization of the most profound values and principles on which the very US and other Western countries were built in the past. Shame!

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