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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The US must decide whether to support it's "interests" or its "values"

Spokesman of the State Dept retired, because he convicted Pentagon of stupidity and lack of humanity in treating Bradly Manning - Wikileaks Man. Because this spokesman was guided by his conscience and real moral principles: that's the Darwinism of the US: honest people retire or fired, Hilarie Clinton and Rumsfeld, Volfovits or Chaney stay and get promotion! That's the main ethical and in the end therefore political crisis. Bush and Chaney after having added thousands of killed American boys and girls in uniform to the 'trophy bag' of terrorists, are on good State pension and have dividends from their companies from exclusive activities in Iraq, and people like Bradly, who in good conscience reveals truth to the American people and the rest of the World about their governments, trying to prevent in future such absurdly senseless, illegitimate and freak wars, is tortured in solitary confinement. That's the moral equation of the American politics. That's the gist of the deepest crisis ever. Obama confronts the unavoidable choice: who and what is right and good and and who and what is wrong and bad. There is a very clear distinction crystallized between so called 'external interests' of the US Government and its structures, and NATIONAL interests, that is the interests of the American people. Never ever in the whole history of the US have those two notions been further from each other and more mutually exclusive. Political America must decide who reflects her real values and interests - interests of her people - villains like Chaney or Rumsfeld or Volfovits, or people like Bradly and that spokesman. The so called 'state secrets' and 'external state interests' fundamentally DON"T REFLECT any interests of the American people - that's the essence of the moral crisis.
Problem around Libya, which has been supported and rehabilitated by the US and the whole of the West in the recent past, is just one more manifestation - a fault line - of the very same HUGE moral crisis. "Interests" were prioritized as ever over and in conflict with the declared values. Now it's come a moment when it is no longer possible to reconcile those two, and continue assert that black is white and white is black. American political establishment must make a revolution inside itself and recognize its immoral approaches of the past and crimes. Only then the US could again, with time, gain any reputation as a protector of any special values. The US, as it is, has just turned its own declared moral values into 'a slave-girl' into a 'surf-prostitute' which is used as need arises, like a plug for any whole in so called 'INTERESTS'. I don't know about any interests in the Constitution of the US. Unprecedented moral degradation and degeneration of the morality and ethics of the US policy, especially the foreign one!

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