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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The West should have reacted much earlier and stronger to Lybia events

The Western community MUST do more, not just express their 'concern' or 'amaze', or to say, like Obama did, how 'indecent' it is to kill civil population on mass (such a naughty boy this Cadafi). Freeze freeze freeze any assets of the regime bloody kleptocrats and at least in the strongest terms possible give give and give moral promises all the democratic forces who at the expense of their lives now try to dethrone the bloody usurpers. They must be sure that the West will help them at least after the overturn of the regime in terms of establishing new and fundamentally better relationship. Moral support from the outside world is now the most important thing, because it gives an additional amount of confidence to the liberators. The West at the first signs of violence should have taken the hardest position possible and express its attitude and support for democratic forces in Libya ( well as in other Middle East countries for that matter) in the strongest terms possible, and it's shame that Obama pronounced any words only a weak after the start of the events.
All in all the West in general and the US in particular have demonstrated rather lukewarm support and taken a unacceptably soft and formal position. Nothing surprising, however, if one remembers that the US to the this day for the sake of Israel and themselves have not only tolerated but actually supported a whole bunch of dictators in the Middle East - the way things continued to stand even when any objective necessity for such support expired. As ever the West put its political interests and dubious friendship far above the much touted fundamental values of democracy - so much so that it actually put a break on the natural democratization processes in the Middle East (e.d. there are reasonable grounds to suspect that democracy in the Middle East would have advanced much further up to date but for the actual policy of the US in this region). One more landmark in the continued process of ideological discrediting of the West in the recent history. One more piece of evidence for developing countries to suspect that in reality democracies are not interested in promoting democracy in the rest of the world at all... Is it not time for the Western Powers at last to learn their lessons?! Hey, there's no Cold War any more and it's all long over with all the excuses belonging to it. The systematic continuous loss of principles and credibility of the West (in exchange of oil or gas or benefits of trade and corporate business) has already did a hardly estimable damage to the democratic countries.

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