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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Abortions are bad, but anti-abortionists are incomparably worse!

Abortion may be a crime against a human, not humanITY.
Yeah, abortion is a morally dubious thing to my mind, but it's morally wrong too waging a campaign against abortion without talking about due compensation for those women who bear the child without desire to give birth for some or rather reasons (for example if they were the victims of rape).
If somebody want to campaign against abortion let this highly moral talker first tell what guaranties and compensation he is ready to provide for those who don't want a child.
If a mother can freely give the child to some orphanage and get the compensation for the child-bearing.
Second, many many people in politics like to talk about high moral values of refraining from abortion not because they care a piece of s..t about the killed fetus or unborn child but ONLY and ONLY to gain political points and public attention. More often than not those spouting windbags are men, that never ever are themselves ready to do anything to improve the conditions and guaranties for bearing women so that abortion may become less attractive option and abortion rate may come down.
From my experience, those 'anti-abortionists' never care for an actual drop in abortion rate. They never ever in their deeds (nor even in words) offer anything to actually reduce the rate and save those killed fetuses or unborn child. NEVER, because what they really care about is the loud critique of those killers in skirts.
So I don't like abortions and have a mix of pity and reproach for those who for some or other reasons was forced to do them, but whom I HATE is those politically motivated demagogues, who do nothing, and cynically gain political points and public sympathy at the expense of those abortions and their victims. Actually they need abortions so that they could have a better possibility to give their moral speeches from the high pulpits, then get votes and money.

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