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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Idle meditations: Girls, don't break my heart! Save the world!

Existing model of antidemocratic anti-freemarket capitalism seems to be just another historic manifestation of male CANNIBALISM in essence (as well as the modern nation-state global political structure). My only hope's that women will create free-market democratic socialism (and genuine common values' based globalization). Hope that the 21th century will hand the reins of control to women, who hold the key to the future and survival of our dubious species :).
I am 120% sure that men have demonstrated enough of their concept of humankind development & progress throughout history up to this day (and continue to do so) - ZERO SUM GAME (war in the broadest sense) with BORDERS and KILLINGS (whether in the physical or any other sense: political killing, economic killing, reputational killing, social killing etc etc) as an absolute necessity, which, according to 'male morals' (not to be confused with honesty and justice) are not just lesser evil, but VIRTUE, a matter of PRIDE (be it so called national pride, personal, religious or class-based pride - whatever), the pinnacle of meritocratic satisfaction, the ultimate proof and confirmation of one's life's worth and self-esteem. It's not just cannibalism, it's MERITOCRATIC, raised to the power of the absolute virtue, cannibalism which distinguishes the male paradigm - paradigm of not only the absolute right of the sheer force but on the POSITIVE MORAL REFLECTION thereof, on the self-rewarding moral of the violence. The old and never-changing self-praising cannibalistic moral in the eyes of which the prevalence of power and any victory achieved the same is the retrospective proof of the RIGHTFULNESS and VIRTUE of use of the very force. Not morals serving to eliminate and expose the egoistic use of force but the other way around: the successful use of FORCE serving to create the morals in the form of a heap of demagogic masterpieces like 'END justifies the MEANS', 'historical necessity', 'evolutionary selection', 'invisible hand of the market' etc etc. The male-created morals that not only justify cannibalism and parasitism (as the main 'historical necessity', 'evolutionary driving force' etc) but in essence GLORIFY it!! (glorify in the nationalistic self-praising demagogy, religious messianic demagogy, patriotic, communist etc etc demagogy). But the same story goes on and on: women bear bear bear, men kill kill kill... and take (again not only in physical but in the broadest sense). 
History doesn't belong to Beethovens or Voltaires or Socrateses etc but to those who act.
Nothing changed: women bear bear bear, and men kill kill kill  (and rape rape rape, again, not just in the physical sense, but in the broadest possible sense) and pride themselves on that on the ground that they have managed to do it.
But there's a modest hope that women in practice, when given the chance by the history, may turn out to be the true followers of the those figures in their vision.
There are so many petty nations of men, and only one GIGANTIC NATION OF WOMEN on earth. This one nation holds key to the future of MENkind. Girls, don't break my heart! Save the world! :) from men... :) I know you can.
Just DOOO it! :)

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