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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

911 anniversary: terrorists celebrate victory

With great sadness one should recognize that the 9/11 attack on America by terrorists brought them a major victory beyond any expectations, if the results are to be judged critically.
Anti-American terrorists achieved their single most important goal: to TERRORIZE the USA, to force America with the power of fear and panic to change her ways, to act irrationally, to dent her own values, to kill even more American people in the form of American boys and girls in uniform, to forfeit her reputation and disfigure her image in the eyes of the whole world, to lose much of her weight and power because of weakening her international standing, to cripple the USA economically through an unprecedented, unbearable burden of war-related costs and lost momentum in the civil reinvestment, reforms and development, to mar her moral image and leadership in the eyes even the closest of her allies in the West.
Hardly ever could Osama and other terrorists have dreamed in their sweetest dreams that the killing of 3000 people at World Trade Center would be 'supplemented' by killing yet another 5000 American girls and boys in uniform; that the US get involved in two major wars at once; that the Americans would give in to panic so much that allow such 'pathological men' like Bush to rule 2 terms and to do the terrorist's work - intimidating people - for them; that Patriotic acts and other 'laws, Guantanamo, anti-Muslim hysteria in the American society would damage the very pillar of American liberal and humane values; that the corruption decay in power would bring such vermin like Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz to the highest positions of power, making the head of state not only the first mentally handicapped president of the USA for the first time in its history, but also bringing the rule of the superpower to the brink of being a puppet state. Hardly ever did the terrorists imagined that the ruling political elites would substitute for them and complete their task of terrorizing of America: they got a multiplier effect of unseen proportions in a case, where American Government happened to be a partner in the crime of terrorism, who just finished the task to an absolute ugly perfection.
Unfortunately its very very hard to assess the true 'cosmic' scale of the damage caused by the attack of 911  - precisely because its main aim of terrorizing of the American population and elites has been achieved, and the great country lost its ability to think RATIONALLY and CRITICALLY. Symbolically the terrorists could hardly have dared to hope that America wouldn't restore the twins to the former splendor, magnificence and beauty, demonstrating her real spiritual resistance, invulnerability and stubbornness: in contrast it was decided to make at this place a kind memorial to perpetuate the festering wound for many years ahead, demonstrating not the resilience, but the scale of damage and tragedy inflicted by those terrorists butchers. 
Having said that, I would also remind of the role of American Government in the incident. While there's no doubt that the terrorists acts were organized and executed by radical fundamentalists, the question of what the American Government KNEW before and whether it really WANTED to do everything in its power to prevent this attack is still a very big and important question. Unlike conspiracy theorists, who always blame governments in direct organization of some crimes against their nations, in reality governments DON'T NEED to do this to satisfy their interests: they just allow something to happen with a higher probability because of the knowledge and delayed reactions - something induced by the 'external' circumstances and forces. There's still a hell of a lot of questions about the role of the American government from this standpoint as well as about the 'selfless' hunt for Bin Laden, who, as everyone knew, had been sitting in Pakistan for many years, but was killed a year before reelection of the US president.
I hope that the American People will finally get to grips with their political Augean stables of their house and clean them. I hope that American people will really start fighting, not breeding, terror; and it will be done not by criminal opportunists like Cheney, not by the bull-headed blood-thirsty generals, but by PROFESSORS and SCIENTISTS in sociology, psychology and other fields.

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