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Thursday, September 22, 2011

About killing of Troy Davis called in the US 'execution'

Killing Troy Davis is just another excellent example of public useless killings conducted by America INSIDE itself along with the killings conducted outside (be it in wars or secrete prisons). The fundamental cause is the same: the real attitude of the US to the value of human life still answers the standards of 19th century at best. In this sense - human life value - the US in the eyes of Europe looks like BARBARIANS.
In uncertainty you have two moral options: either just in case to leave a human being alive, OR just in case to KILL him. The US elects the latter, and shows the whole world its REAL attitude to human life. If one says that execution of Troy Davis is a shame for the US moral and legal image, it wouldn't be true cos the word shame isn't enough. The very presence of death penalty in the US shows that the mentality of the country in this sense is still in the 19th century, not in the 21th. But this concrete case shows the worth of 'rule of law' and particularly cynical disdain and devaluation of human life in the US.
Death penalty in the US - state authorized murder on behalf of all citizens, always reminds me of Christian origins & legacy of America...

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