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Friday, September 16, 2011

Palestine turned to UN: why not long before?

It is only surprising why Palestine haven't applied for statehood with the UN long long before with the full right and grounds to do so... Why is UN is here if not for this? To be honest, to grant a recognition to Palestine on the part of UN nation would be a much more legal and legitimate act than recognition of Kosovo or Libyan rebel government. So the procedure should have been initiated long ago and it is not a question weather it will succeed formally at once, it is a very important step to show that independence of Palestine is not a question of STRIKING A DEAL with Israel and that Israel being an AGGRESSOR AND OCCUPANT is a fact regardless of any deals or negotiations. The conflict between rapist and and his victim is not and cannot be a matter of bilateral negotiation between those two, especially with an involvement of a powerful friend of the rapist as a mediator - a friend, who supplies weapons for the rape. Independence and self-determination of Palestinian nation must be business of international community and intl. law ONLY, not one of an interested occupant party and its prejudiced friends like US (the number of those friend actually has dropped to and become limited to the US only till this moment). Likewise the role of Israel in the eyes of international community must be changed from just that of a party of 'civil matter negotiations' - someone like a strict father who is ostensibly to give some property to his bad son if he behaves - to an involved criminal usurper, for which all those negotiations are no more than a set of unrealizable conditions which a blackmailer gives to his victim just to continue the game and keep the victim from full despair and turning to the police. World community too after half a century of the Israeli occupation must come to its senses have the courage to recognize the difference between 'negotiations mistakes' and 'rape', between 'family quarrel' and 'child abuse' etc.
In other words it has become the case very long before now that the Israel-Palestine question has ceased to be an internal question of two parties, just like the question of Serbia and Kosovo or Turks and Greeks on Cyprus, Gaddafi and rebel government or any question of a raper and a victim - it CANNOT BE CONSIDERED ANY MORE and internal bilateral question - its the business of international community to decide. And the application for sovereignty by Palestine to UN must have been done long ago just to fix, to formally REGISTER the state of things, to make a formal statement that Palestine is raped AGAINST her wishes and this cannot be considered a 'usual family quarrel' any more

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